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What’s New with Office 2010

by Rich Wagoner, CITP.CPA | Principal, Technology Services Group If you have been considering the upgrade of Microsoft Office to the latest version, Office 2010, here are some new features that might make the decision a little easier.

Lost Participants and How to Find Them

by Stacey L. Spencer, QKA | Manager, Employee Benefits Group One of the most aggravating issues facing employers and retirement plan practitioners is the issue of lost participants. Lost participants are terminated participants whose current address is unknown and who have a vested account balance remaining in the plan.

Indiana Charitable Gaming Rules

by John Keller, CPA | Amanda Meko, CPA, Partner Team Members of the Not-for-Profit Services Group At the Indiana CPA Society Not-For-Profit Conference, representatives from the Charitable Gaming Division of the Indiana Gaming Commission discussed the Commissions policy for reporting income from charitable gaming activities.

TAXES – Where they are. Where they are headed. Will they get there?

by Jim Wagoner, Partner | Director, Tax Services Group Well, here we are in the second half of 2010 and still nothing coming from Congress on what they will do with the income tax rates that will sunset at the end of 2010. In fact, Congress is going into August recess, the effects of the sunset provisions to many taxpayers that will take place ...