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Leadership: Building Stronger Companies

by Jim Wagoner, CPA | Partner, Director of Tax Services Group and Team Leader of the Professional Services Group As we all start a new year, many of my clients share with me their goals and action steps they will implement in order to make their organization a more profitable company; a more efficient, leaner company; or an employer of choice, for example. ...

2% Payroll Cut Extended and an Update on the Inheritance Tax

by Felicia Rupp and Marie Jett, CPA | Team Members of the Tax Services Group On February 17, Congress passed H.R. 3630, the “Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012” (the Act) and sent it to the President for his signature and he is expected to sign the bill promptly.

Breaking News – Administration Tax Increase and Reform Proposals

by Jim Wagoner, CPA | Partner, Director of Tax Services Group On Monday, February 13, the President unveiled his budget for fiscal year 2013, which included many tax proposals. While it would be unusual for all presidential recommendations to become law, many of the proposed changes have a good chance of being enacted. We want to highlight several ...

How to Avoid Compliance Penalties When Paying Independent Contractors – Five Tips

by Anita Dudley | Manager, Tax Services Group The American Payroll Association (APA) has issued a press release that describes five basic tips on how to avoid IRS penalties when paying independent contractors.

Would a 10% Tax Increase Solve Our Deficit Problems?

by Larry K. Greenwalt, CPA | Chairman of the Board There was a large amount of interest regarding our last article “The ‘Tax the Rich Rhetoric’ Needs to Focus on the Realities of the Situation”, and we received a few questions which I wanted to address. One question related to the impact of those taxpayers in the $40-$100,000 income range.

The Tax the Rich Rhetoric Needs to Focus on the Realities of the Situation

by Larry K. Greenwalt, CPA | Chairman of the Board It seems to be fashionable in Washington to say that the wealthy are not paying their fair share of income taxes. What is fair? Let’s take a look at that. In an interview with NPR, Mr. Roberton Williams, Senior Fellow, Tax Policy Center, noted that in 2009, 47% of Americans did not pay any Federal ...