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Your business should be a source of inspiration, not suffocation.

When you go with Greenwalt, you get more than accountants; you get allies. We help you look beyond the ledger with a high level of involvement that enables our clients to develop the vision that is needed to proactively adapt to a changing environment. And our relentless pursuit of every possible advantage compels us to ferret out the facts and implement the plans, processes, procedures and systems that are needed to accomplish your goals.

Strategic business planning
Most businesses never reach their full potential because most businesses lack a cohesive business plan. Without clear direction and focus, management can send conflicting signals and employees can’t understand what’s expected of them. We help your organization reach its full potential by working with your key members of management and other staff to craft a long-term vision with a clear and concise mission. We carefully facilitate this process in order to achieve genuine buy-in, so all involved faithfully own the responsibility to implement their action plan.

Development of a strategic business plan is essential to increased communication, a sense of teamwork and improved profitability. Furthermore, having a vision and business action plan that reflects current and anticipated trends will result in less stress, greater job satisfaction for your employees and improved financial outlook.

As your strategic planning partner, we will not only work with you to complete your plan, but also to show you how to monitor your progress, surrounding your vision with measurable goals and specific action steps to achieve them.

Cost segregation services
Money now is always better than money later. A cost segregation study makes it possible for taxpayers to accelerate depreciation deductions by identifying and segregating nonstructural building and land improvement costs. These items have much shorter depreciable lives than the assigned 39-year life for nonresidential real property, resulting in accelerated tax deductions (thus cash flow improvement). Now some may say, but we’ll get the deduction in the future anyway. Yes, that’s true; however, a cost segregation study, in effect, gives you an interest-free loan from the government for the first fifteen years to be repaid interest-free over the remaining 25 years.

Cost segregation studies can be performed on any building purchased or constructed as far back as 1987, including manufacturing plants, auto dealerships, restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, office buildings and apartment complexes.

Thanks to recently issued tax revenue procedures (and your Greenwalt CPAs who are knowledgeable about them), you can even recoup previously missed depreciation, meaning that if a cost segregation study identifies items that should have been depreciated over shorter lives, the items can be reclassified and the depreciation deduction caught up over the next four years.

Other consulting services:

  • Shareholder buy/sell agreement consulting
  • Divorce planning
  • Merger/acquisition advisory services
    • Purchase of business
    • Selling of business
    • Spin-off of business division
    • Due diligence reviews
  • Family-owned business services, including succession planning
  • Client training
  • Implementation of a total quality process
  • Evaluation of accounting and management information systems
  • System selection analysis – hardware, software and networks
  • Computerized depreciation schedules
  • Staff training
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