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Oftentimes, the most intimidating step a business can take is embracing new technology. With our help, though, you’ll discover how the right technology can open the lines of communication and the door to greater efficiency, so much so that you’ll be giving it a big ol’ bear hug. So go with Greenwalt and start letting technology work for you.

Tap our technology knowledge for a wide range of services, including network design, implementation and support, Internet and connectivity consulting, web site design and we can also provide custom report writing, custom application design, custom web application design, as well as ASP programming and Flash design.

Network Consulting
Are you looking for a way to use your systems a little more efficiently or maybe a way to clean up what you have and get it under control? Our network services include the basic system administration services, system documentation and analysis services, technology planning and budgeting, network design services, network security services, virus protection and network implementation services. If you’re looking for some new hardware or software for your network, we’ve developed relationships with leading manufacturers and distributors to also be able to bring you high-quality, low-cost hardware and software solutions.

Internet Consulting
Complementing our network consulting services is our Internet consulting services. We can help you determine what you have, what your options are and even how secure your access is to make sure you are getting the most out of the web.

Web Site Design
We offer a complete range of web site design services. Whether you’re a start-up company looking for a new web presence or you’re looking to refresh your existing site, we have several tools to help us meet your needs. Furthermore, we can assist with the implementation of convenient back-end technologies like database connectivity or the addition of eCommerce to your existing web site.

Accounting Software
We are able to offer you a range of accounting software from an entry-level system to the multi-location high-end system. We are a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and can be a valuable resource for other systems: Traverse, Great Plains, MAS90, MAS200 and Business Works. This allows us to meet your needs when it comes to your accounting system solutions.

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